Christian Psychics

The term ‘Christian Psychics’ may seem like something of a contradiction in terms. You don’t have to be religious to know that the Bible condemns fortune telling in any shape or form, considering it to be something dangerous and believing that any psychic ability is the work of the devil.

So is it possible to be Christian and a psychic? A devout Christian would probably answer that with a loud and clear NO! However if you are interested in all things psychic you may have noticed that there ARE indeed Christian Psychics offering their services. So let’s consider the debate surrounding this difficult and often controversial subject.

Psychic ability or a Gift from God?

There are several ways in which a Christian may justify interest in psychic phenomena. Jesus Christ himself was reported to use unseen abilities to heal the sick and produce miracles - these are known as Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Some Christians point out that the Gifts of the Spirit were promised to all at the ascension of Jesus Christ and that they were given for a reason - to help and heal others. Of course many other Christians believe that these gifts come from God and are not at all related to any of the abilities employed by those working as psychics today.

Providing help and support

Many people feel that they have lost their way; they may be unable to talk to friends or family members so they consult psychics for guidance and advice. Some Christian Psychics view their work as a natural part of being a Christian, helping others to feel better about themselves and their lives or helping them to gain clarity on troubling issues. Helping others is for these Christian Psychics part of God’s work, no matter what ‘title’ or ‘umbrella’ their help may fall under.

Providing a guiding light

Another angle argued by some Christians is that many people today are desperately trying to fill a spiritual void in their life. They do this by exploring the psychic world, the afterlife and by consulting clairvoyants, mediums, astrologers and tarot card readers etc. By offering a Christian Psychic service Christians can use their gifts to help people fill this yearning for deeper meaning by guiding them towards Christianity as a spiritually fulfilling way of life.

Support for other Christians

A Christian Psychic service also provides guidance to other Christians who may be struggling with the issue of psychic ability and their faith. It may be confusing for a Christian who believes they have psychic gifts. Christian psychics can advise other Christians how to safely use their abilities in a way that promotes the Christian ethos.

Can you be a Christian and a Psychic?

If you are a Christian and feel that you may have psychic abilities only you can answer this question. You may need to consult an open-minded and respected member of your church to explore this question further. Certainly there are more and more Christian Psychics speaking out about their gifts, however this is a very tricky subject area and the topic needs to be handled by anyone involved with great care, deep wisdom and balanced understanding.


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